How does it work?

Complete the online travel application, either email or upload your most current LES. Once your application and LES have been received you will receive a phone call from one of our travel consultants to confirm your travel plans, and go over your options. Once your travel consultant has found the flights/hotel that works for you, they will email over your paperwork to be viewed and e-signed. Once you have completed electronic signature your travel will be booked, and your itinerary will be emailed over to you.

What are the terms and conditions?

All the terms and conditions are clearly spelled out in your travel agreement documents. Monthly payment terms are based on your ETS date and may range up to 36 months. Interest rates can range depending on credit guidelines. All terms and conditions will be included in your contract and will be forwarded to you prior to any travel booking. Nothing is finalized until your acceptance of the documents is completed via your electronic signature.

Can I cancel my flight or travel package?

All tickets or travel packages purchased on behalf of the customer are non-refundable. The same way most tickets or travel packages sold on the internet are non-refundable. Refundable ticket and travel packages, if available, can be double the price of non-refundable.

What do I do if my leave dates get changed or cancelled?

If your ticket or travel package needs to be changed; there will be a change fee per ticket charged by the airline that can range from $100 to $350 per ticket. It depends on whether it is a domestic or international flight. There may also be a difference between the current prices of the new tickets, compared to the originally purchased tickets. If you still have remaining funds available from your original loan approval, we can refinance your original loan and add the cost of changing your flights. If you have any remaining approval left, you will be responsible for paying the fee or fare differences out of pocket. In the event that your leave gets cancelled, you can cancel your flight with the airlines and they will issue a credit in the passenger’s name that can be used for future travel. A rebooking fee will be charged by the airline at the time that the credit is used.

What is a booking number, trip locator, or record locator?

A booking number, trip locator, and record locator are basically the same thing. It is a 6 digit combination of letters and number. This is the airlines unique code for your ticket.

Can I check-in online?

Most airline will allow you to check-in online within 24 hour of your flights departure time. This will eliminate you having to go to the ticketing counter when arriving at the airport, and will allow you to print or receive a digital copy of your boarding pass. You can check-in online directly through the airlines website. We strongly recommend arriving at the airport 2 to 3 hours prior to your flight; even if you checked in online, this will allow you time to get through airport security and to your gate.

How can I check to see if my flight times have been changed?

We suggest you go to the airlines website several times prior to your departure date to see if any of the flight times have been changed. This is your responsibility.

Can I change the name on a flight ticket or transfer the ticket to another person?

No. Airlines don’t allow name changes or the transfer of a ticket to another person. This is why it is very important that we are given the proper passenger information at the time of booking. The first, middle, and last name; along with the date of birth, should appear on your ticket just as it does on the ID you will be using at the time of travel.

Can I request special assistance from the airlines for wheelchair assistance and/or service dog companion?

Yes. This is possible on most flights; however, the request needs to be made prior to us booking the flight or hotel reservation. In the case of a service dog companion the proper paperwork must be submitted. Please notify your travel consultant when they are confirming your travel plans with you.

Can children travel alone?

Yes. Under specific guidelines in accordance with each individual airlines policy. Please ask your travel consultant prior to booking. The airline will charge an un-accompanied minor fee per child traveling. This can be paid out of pocket at the ticketing counter prior to the flight, or the fees can be added to your loan at the time of booking.